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Sometimes the Internet Produces Fine Things

Within the dumpster fire that tends to be our world today, it’s nearly impossible to stay sane without a break from the social controversy and political foolishness. You may find that in trying times when all else fails, the internet will have your back with timely trends that instantly make you feel better. 

#BlackMenSmiling, started by comedian Dennis Banks, captures the gem that is a black man’s smile and normalizes the notion that black men are capable of showing happiness. Yes, simply living in black skin comes with its own grocery list of injustices and struggles, especially for the men of our community, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t show a little teeth once in a while. The beauty behind #BlackMenSmiling is undeniable and will most definitely make your entire week.

The internet has also blessed us with the #FinePeopleFrom(InstertYourCountryHere!) showcasing the wonderful human from all corners of the world. Challenging Eurocentric beauty standards and also giving us new WCW & MCMs, the #FinePeopleFrom trend reminds us that everyone deserves love and a little bit of healthy vanity isn't so bad. Big noses, dark skin, small eyes, and every other thing we were taught was "unattractive" were on full display for all to enjoy. This hashtg reminds us that beauty has no definition or standard, nor does it have one face. 

Giving stereotypes the finger was also on the agenda of Twitter, with the #BlackFathers hashtag. Trending on Twitter, this hashtag shared little moments between black fathers and their children, challenging the "aggressive" and "unapproachable" trope attached to black men. Social stereotypes so deep-rooted in the portrayal of African & African American fathers such as being "absentee" or "disinterested" in fatherhood have been around since Jim Crow itself. The deep-rooted pain surrounding the black family and the place of black men in black families thanks to things like incarceration and the "War on Drugs". Taking those topics head-on can be exhausting and cathartic. Sometimes, a picture says everything you need to say and more. Showing love and vulnerability, this hashtag was a beautiful reminder that many black fathers are omnipresent in their children's lives and are adorable while being so. 

So please, if these trends haven't blessed your timeline yet, take a moment to appreciate some of our favorite portrayals of carefree people of color celebrating their own beauty. You'll thank us later. 




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Web Editors Nyah & Furqan contributed to this piece.