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Owning it: Demo Taped’s ode to his struggles

19-year-old Atlanta native Adam Alexander, better known as Demo Taped, is back with his highly anticipated EP, Momentary. His first EP, Heart, released in 2015, was created as a gift to his then-girlfriend, but the pair broke up before he was able to give it to her. What was supposed to be a personal gift was then released to the world, and met with great enthusiasm. Now, three years later, his latest effort shows him embrace and address his struggles with depression and anxiety, with a collection of stunningly crafted tracks in which he effortlessly blends thoughtful lyrics with groovy beats and intricate melodic effects that instantly make you bob your head to the rhythm.

The EP spawned two singles in late 2017, Insecure and Pack of Gum, released in September and December respectively. Insecure, perhaps the most soulful of all the tracks, opens the EP, and sets the tone with smooth gospel-like harmonies in the chorus, which have a certain hypnotic quality to them. The complex layering of the song surrounds the listener in an uplifting atmosphere. In fact, the album itself could be characterized as providing all around good vibes, despite being a testament to his struggles. On Chemical Blue, Demo Taped talks about the shame associated with taking medication and accepting needing it. Feelings of acceptance are also talked about on Own It, a stand-out track on the EP, which beautifully portrays the feelings of powerlessness, fear, and doubt associated with anxiety. Other tracks on the EP include Pack of Gum, the most electronic song of the bunch, and Winter Soon, which ends the EP on a nostalgic note. The dream-like ambiance of Momentary makes it a refreshing and pleasant listen, and as someone who is not familiar with Demo Taped’s hybrid of R&B, electronic and pop music, I found myself really enjoying this EP, a brilliantly produced collection of songs.

Momentary by Demo Taped is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.