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It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Okay, we're jumping up and down behind our computer screens right now, because we get to share something with you.

It's pretty big.

Are you ready? 

Issue 7's. Theme. Is. Here. 

We doubled our team so we could plan every aspect of this (that's a story for another day). Issue 7 will be the most advanced, the most international, and the most organized publication Teen Eye has released. It will all center around one word:


We want to hear about your counterculture, your underground, your clique -- your community, as told by you. Let us into your world! Show us the esoteric, the unknown. 

Consider the following questions as you brainstorm:


Once you get an idea, send us a pitch HERE! The issue will be released in April 2018, and we'll update this page shortly with deadlines. 


Banner Image by Ajunie Virk, 16 (she/her).