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Our Go-To (Interactive!) Fashion Bingo Scorecard

It's time to start brainstorming excuses to run to the bathroom. Tell your teachers you have a horrible stomachache or need to call your great grandmother or whatever they need to hear so you can run out mid-class without anyone blinking an eye. Because it's one of the most wonderful and crazed moments of the year. The time of the year where every teen who follows high fashion keeps their Instant Runway Site secretly on their phone, refreshing madly under the table till their favorite brands' new collection is uploaded (which prompts the frantic run to the bathroom stall to analyze what went right and what didn't). Today is September 7th, 2017, which means the SS18 shows are kicking off fashion month in New York. Where I live. Yay! 

I've been following fashion week since I was ten or so and my grandma prodded me to the Alexander McQueen exhibit, and though I got my first ticket at twelve (funny story: it was a night show, they had a champagne partnership, I was a tiny child, I wasn't allowed in, I had to send an older friend to take pics for my WordPress blog), I had been well versed in analyzing runway shows. I would refresh The Cut's app weekly to see which new collections went up. The point of this anecdote is to explain: on my way to my eighth season, I'd say I'm fairly ready to predict some inevitabilities that will go down in Skylight Clarkson Sq.  

So, with the help of my lovely editors, I've created a Bingo game, so all of our bathroom sprints can be filled with a little extra anticipation. Here is what we're fairly positive this season will have in store:


And, some stickers, so you can keep track nice and easy. 

As we all watch this season -- will there be appropriative protest signs? will the street style blogger remain the ubiquitous muse? will technology be incorporated? -- keep track and keep us updated. Both of those pics are downloadable, and the stickers are ready for you to crop and go. Tag us at #teeneyescorecard / @teeneyemag, and let us know what we got right (or what we missed!)

Picture from our Namilia SS17 coverage.