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"Red is The Color of Revolutionary Love": The Women's Day Strike, in Pictures

On March 8th, women all over the world participated in a worker's strike organized by Women’s March. Marking International Women’s Day, the event proved how necessary women are to the world's order and insisted that they must be treated as equals and humans. The strike's significance in today's post- March society made its message all the more clear. Those who participated in the strike engaged in a historic act, symbolizing the power of women in a world where they are far too often seen as powerless. An act of defiance for the sake of all inclusive equality for everyone woman-identifying. We wore red, avoided shopping at any businesses that weren’t small, women-, or minority-owned, and opted out of any paid or unpaid labor. School districts and businesses were shut down. Rallies were organized in countries around the globe -- Ireland, The Philippines, Great Britain, U.S, Poland, Rome, Nigeria, Turkey, Moscow, South Korea, Brazil, Romania, and Georgia (to name a few).

The absence of women was proven to be detrimental to the function of all society. Let the strikers' actions serve as the pinnacle of a truth that many do not care to notice - all women are needed, and they are more than necessary; they are strong.

The team all wore red -- half of us stayed in school to facilitate discussion on the significance, and half of us took the day off. Em joined her friends at 8Ball Community to take the day off, work on signs, and attend rallies. See the photojournal below -- starting at Babycastles art gallery, weaving through the Washington Square Park crowd, and finishing as the sun set down over the speakers.

Words by Clara.