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The Monday Mood is Princess Nokia Throwing Soup on A Racist White Guy

The day I saw the headline "Princes Nokia Punches White Boy at Cambridge Fashion Show" was the day the rapper, also known as the unwaveringly inclusive Urban Feminist Destiny Frasqueri, won a permanent place in my heart. The story goes, mid-show, he had screamed at her to "show her tits". So, she jumped into the audience and hit him."I’m so sorry, but when a white boy disrespects you, you punch him in the fucking face", she declared, and later, after finishing the set, rightfully named his harassment “a disgraceful public display of sexism and misogynoir.” She's the Riot Grrrl dream. Almost every young feminist I've talked to has sung her praises. Her albums are bursting and speedy, packed with cosmic spirituality, Afro-Boricua pride, and odes to natural hair, the NYC 6 subway, Marvel Comics, and gothic schoolgirls. I could go on and on and on about how her influence has empowered teen girls to center themselves and take no shit; I have in the past, and I will again. 

On October 9th, a white man in NYC came on the L train and tried to disrupt the peace. The Lime-a-Rita chugging fool started picking fights, then began screaming "n****r" over and over -- claiming it was "his right" as an NYU lawyer. Slurring his speech and balling his hands, he gave a disgusting, belligerent, and unabashed display of toxic masculinity and racism.

Luckily for the rest of the world, and unluckily for unidentified-Drunk-Racist-dude, Frasqueri sprung to action (our hero!) With a few other vigilantes, she cut the man down to size. The group kicked him off the train and, after he continued to bellow, Princess Nokia chucked her hot soup at him.

Full video

There is no space in the world for racism and Destiny Frasqueri proved yet again how petulant and small aggressors are. There's no room for men dancing around, waving their hands, lolling around and chanting "first amendment, first amendment" to excuse their slurs. Twitter user @datonewriter pointed out, "He had the right to say what he wanted. He also had the right to suffer the consequences. He was put off the train. Consequences...". And our beloved web writer Furqan concluded it best, when she noted, "It's sad that people think they have a right to talk like that, but it's hopeful to know that people don't tolerate it. If you try being a piece of crap person, you might jus' get souped"