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We Want Your Brains....

Here’s the thing ladies: the Teen Eye team is pretty tiny right now. We’re four high school girls doing this entirely on our own, and everything is going very smoothly  — but we get busy with behind the scenes work. We're hiring a new web team and a social media editor to start immediately, and help us destroy the patriarchy and fling it away for good. 
Here’s what we’re looking for: someone passionate about fashion, art, culture, and resistance. Someone who is eighteen or younger, and female-identifying. Someone organized and in-it-2-win-it. A beginner revolutionary — in any field — looking for a platform. If you love visuals, you’d be good for social; if you’re a writer, we want you for web.

Shoot us an email at info@teeneyemagazine.com (make the subject “PICK ME WEB!” or “PICK ME SOCIAL!”) and introduce yourself.
Let us know what you think makes our generation special, the news that you're focusing on right now, why you're our dream candidate, and how your specific set of skills will apply. This position is currently unpaid. 
We can't wait to hear from you. 


Image by Téa, Issue 5.