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Paige Elkington Wants You to Fight Back!

Elkington, a model, actress, and designer, compiled scripts and researched so you can efficiently oppose Trump's cabinet. This post will shortly be updated with information on protecting the ACA and fighting construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We urge you to use your voice and call often -- let your resistance be recorded. 

Below is Paige's guide on how to get educated, and what to say when you dial your senators.





Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education

Phone script: “My name is ____ and I’m from _____ and I’m calling to tell the Senator that I strongly oppose Betsy DeVos. She is incredibly unqualified and a dangerous nominee. For starters, she defended allowing guns in schools to stop "potential grizzlies" which is just ridiculous.  She said that disabled kids should not be protected by federal laws. She flat-out lied about her connections to extreme right-wing organizations that advocate conversion therapy. We absolutely cannot let the Senate confirm her.”

Scott Pruitt, Head of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

My name is (FIRST AND LAST NAME) a constituent from (CITY AND STATE) I am calling to urge the senator to REJECT Scott Pruitt as Head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Scott Pruitt is a known climate change denier and has a long record of putting corporate interests above the interests of our health and the environment. Pruitt has also received significant funding from the oil and coal industries and should not be put in charge of the EPA. I am asking Senator  (NAME OF SENATOR) to vote against Pruitt’s nomination. Americans deserve an EPA administrator who puts the interests of Americans and the environment first. I will be watching the vote closely. 

My name is (FIRST AND LAST NAME) a constituent from (CITY AND STATE) I’m asking you to REJECT Scott Pruitt as Head of the EPA. Pruitt is a close ally of the oil and gas industry, has sued the EPA in order to stop regulations aimed at protecting children from mercury and is a known climate change denier. How can millions of Americans feel safe knowing this? He has zero interest in protecting our environment. IF you care about the people you represent AT ALL, you will block this nomination! 

Jeff Sessions, Attorney General

Phone script: My name is (FIRST AND LAST NAME) and I’m a resident from (CITY AND STATE). I am calling to voice my strong opposition to Jeff Sessions as the next attorney general of the United States. Senator Sessions has a clear record of supporting racist, sexist, anti-LGBT, anti-environment, and anti-immigrant policies. He opposes voting rights and criminal-justice reform, as well as marriage equality. I am asking Senator (NAME OF SENATOR) to vote against Sen. Sessions at his confirmation hearing. Americans deserve an attorney general who will fight for all of us and we deserve better! I will be watching the vote closely.

ick Perry, Head of Department of Energy (DOE)

Phone script: Hi my name is ____, I am a constituent of Sen. __________  and I am calling to urge you to vote “NO” on the confirmation of Rick Perry for Secretary of Energy! For starters, he once said this agency should be ELIMINATED. That’s flat-out scary. He has no scientific or professional background that qualifies him to serve in this role. His fundamental misunderstanding that the DOE is responsible for securing our nation’s nuclear arsenal makes him seriously unqualified for this role. Furthermore, he is on the record as a climate change skeptic, and I believe he is unlikely to continue the DOE’s cultivation of safe, renewable energy sources. I hope you will demand a higher qualification for this important position than political loyalty to the President-Elect. Thank you.

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary

Phone script: “I oppose Steven Mnuchin (Men-oo-chin) for Secretary of Treasury because of his history of predatory loan and foreclosure practices, ties to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, and conflicts of interest. He cannot be trusted with ensuring financial justice in our country. Please reject Steven Mnuchin for Secretary of Treasury.”

Tom Price, Health & Human Services Secretary (ANTI CHOICE and hell bent on repealing Obamacare)

Phone script: I am calling to voice my concerns and urge you to vote “NO” on the selection of Representative Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary. Price has voted NO to expanding medical coverage to children, the mentally ill, or requiring price negotiation for prescription drugs for Medicare part D. He also traded more than $300,000 in shares of health-related companies while sponsoring and advocating legislation that potentially could affect those companies’ stocks–a clear conflict of interest. How can we confidently expect him to lead the Department of Health and Human Services if he puts his own financial interests above the people? If you care about the people you represent, you will reject Tom Price’s nomination. 

Source: http://www.indivisibleaustin.com/take-action-now/sample-scripts/tom-price-appointment-as-health-human-services-secretary

Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary

Phone script:  Hello, I’m calling to ask my senator/representative to vote NO on the nomination of Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. I am concerned about Mr. Ross’ record of predatory business tactics which favor the corporation over the worker and his financial and political conflicts of interests. Mr. Ross has a long history of favoring the bottom line over that of the common man in many industries, from coal to banking. If you care about the people you represent, then REJECT this man’s nomination. He does not have the interest of the people at heart.


Time to mobilize 💔

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ello, this is [insert name] and i am very concerned with Trump signing the executive order to advance approval of the keystone and dakota access pipelines. They would cause dramatic damage to the environment, and significantly disturb both sacred lands + the way of life for Native Americans by putting 17 million lives at risk and disregarding treaty rights. As a teenager I request that you do not grant easement, thus preserving the future. It is time to unequivocally support indigenous rights and say no to the keystone and dakota access pipelines.