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What's new with us?

Ladies and gentleman, we have some very exciting news for you all. For the past few months, restructuring has been whirling around Teen Eye. Today, we’re finally ready to share it with you all.

What’s in Teen Eye’s future? Well, a new website is coming up - we’ll be working with a teen designer for a little makeover. Issue Five’s theme has been decided - we can’t wait to share that with you all (here’s where we include the obligatory plug and remind you all to subscribe to get an exclusive first notice so you can get a head start on your pitch). And the team itself? That looks a little different too.

From now on, Eden Pritikin, Carson Gartner, Clara Scott, Jonah Solomon, Téa Lindsey and Em Odesser (that’s me) will be serving you. And while you could just check out our meet the editors page, we like to bring a little bit more excitement.

The faces behind the names.

The faces behind the names.

Here’s the best part. We’re starting a video mini series. Each member of our staff will be recording their own ‘Day in The Life’ clip and sharing it right here with our readers. We’ll be going all across the country. It’s not something you’ll want to miss.

Weekly articles, brand new contributors, and exclusive collaborations are also just around the corner. We can’t wait to share the summer with all of you.

Lots of love from your new Editor In Chief,


Banner photo (shot at Suno FW16) from Issue 4's Street Style coverage.