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How do we move forward?

A brief and solemn message, written by the Teen Eye team in the first hundred hours after Donald Trump was announced the president-elect of our country, appeared on our Instagram last week:

"We want to be honest with you. We're still mourning. This is very difficult news. But the surge of love has been invigorating. We're watching young teens mobilize and revolt and it is BEAUTIFUL. We're getting the resources we need to provide the best coverage. We're talking to figure out how to provide the best platform for you all. And we don't want to normalize this terrifying event. We're in full support of the next generation creating an unprecedented rebellion. And we'll speak more with you soon. Keep mourning, keep fighting, channel your emotions into your art."

We want to let you know that we are still just as terrified as we were last week. We are still just as frustrated. We are still just as gutted. We still have every intention to strike back. This will not be normalized. Hate can not prevail. We've been in contact with a great deal of you. A series will shortly be published featuring artwork, poems, songs, and essays by teenagers in the face of this news. We are here to support you. When you are ready to have your voice heard, email us and we'll tell you how to get involved. No censorship. Few constraints.

Keep fighting.

Namilia SS17. Image by Em

Namilia SS17. Image by Em