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Interview: Model Pooja Mor

Em has a chat with rising model Pooja Mor to discuss freedom, her newfound role in the world of modeling, and how a runway model prepares for a big show.

Pooja by David Urbanke

Pooja by David Urbanke

Our theme for this issue is freedom. If you could use your fame to advocate for one group's freedom (or equality), whose would it be for?

We are all different and have different characters &  beliefs, so I think all groups should have the freedom to believe and practice their faiths.

What book do you wish you had written?

Harry Potter.  

What are your perceptions of beauty? What makes a human beautiful?

I am going to say the most cliché line but it’s true! “Beauty comes from within”, it’s your thoughts, behaviour, as well as how you are as a person.

By Tom Newton

By Tom Newton

Before you started modeling, you were studying to be an engineer. do you have any more hidden talents?  

Yeah, I can dance :)

How were you discovered?

I was approached by someone to enter a competition called Clean n Clear Fresh Face while I was studying in my university and I ended up winning the Ahmedabad regional finals.  I was concentrating though on completing my studies first, so once I graduated,  I decided to move to Delhi and give modeling a go.  From there, my lovely agent Gunita saw a picture of mine in an online catalogue I shot, and scouted me from there, so I signed up with Anima Creatives in March last year.  Once I moved to Mumbai and started working regularly, I was on a shoot with one of my friends, who is represented by Elite NYC. We were goofing around, and took a few behind the scenes pics, and that’s where Elite NYC first saw me and approached my mother agent, and now I’m here in NY.

It must’ve been pretty big having your debut at such a big show [Louis Vuitton Resort 2016]. What was going through your head? What did you do to prepare yourself?

It was really a lifetime experience!  We did the show at Mr Bob Hope’s house which was incredibly beautiful and had amazing view of the mountains and valley, I really had to focus straight while walking because i was so distracted by the view!! Nicholas’s collection was so beautiful, and the location just complimented the clothes so wonderfully.

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

Louis Vuitton Resort 2016


Do you channel anyone when you’re on the runway?

No, when I’m on the runway, i just try to focus and do my job well. Each garment is special, and its my job to do it justice by walking confidently and elegantly as possible.

Finish the sentence: by the end of this summer, I want to ______:

Go on a holiday.

What emoji describes how you’re feeling right now?

Smiley of course :)

Photo credit unknown.

Photo credit unknown.