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Em Visits Babyghost

Twenty five models stare blankly down at the swarming crowd of fashion's elite. The all-white, industrial Pop14 showroom has a palpable energy. Wu-Tang Clan blares, shutters pop and look! There’s Xiao Wen Ju taking a photo with Susie Bubble. No, this is not a description of your dream last night - just the very first Babyghost NYFW presentation.

Joshua Hupper and Huang Qiaoran have never been the type to follow the pack. After meeting as interns for Diane Von Furstenberg, they left the safe confines of the powerhouse in 2010, and have been dazzling the fashion world ever since. Their first formal presentation, named “Welcome Home”, proved that risky endeavors can yield high rewards. The brands urban, ultra-cool aesthetic was highlighted with subtle details: nods to horror flick The Shining, 18th century hellish royalty, and hotel rooms interior designs were cleverly integrated.  One glittery navy bomber coat displayed a subtle "237" on the shoulder, a reference to the infamous room haunted by the Torrance family. Another raw cut wool top, paired with an asymmetrical army green skirt, was embellished with the silhouette of two twin sisters holding hands. Buttons displayed animals snarling and baring their teeth. Gold skull buttons were an eerie addition to a simple black blazer. The designers melded a creation both flirty and sinister with hints of revenge everywhere. The brands spokesperson, supermodel Xiao Wen Ju, wore an army green bomber jacket; sewn on the back in big, impossible to miss, all caps letters: REVENGE. On the ass of an embroidered orange knit skirt: REVENGE. On a tapestry hanging off the shoulders of a quilted varsity jacket: well, you get the point.

Lady Macbeth famously said, "Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it." The Babyghost woman (or should we say girl), is just that. She is a street style star, the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She's youthful and free and eclectic, she has great taste, she's a blast at parties, and she can quote cult movies like the back of her hand. But, the Babyghost girl takes no shit. No one messes with her-at least not with impunity. Huang and Qiaoran defined the modern woman in their first NYFW presentation. We can't wait to see their next.