Teen Eye Magazine is an international online magazine created entirely by teens, for teens.

Our quarterly issues feature three main categories of content: art, fashion, and culture. Within these, we publish articles about modern events: those that are interesting, exciting, and sometimes controversial - because we focus on the issues that teens today care about. Our generation is truly the catalysts of change, and Teen Eye strives to support young artists and designers who spark the flame. Our contributors are teen writers and freelancers, because who better to inspire the new generation than those who are part of it?

The first issue of Teen Eye was released in Spring 2015. Today, Teen Eye has over 810,000 views. Our readers span continents, and this viewership gives our contributors the chance to get their voices heard.

Each Teen Eye issue will have a unique theme to give our editions coherency - something to tie articles, interviews, and photos together. We also feature an editorial shot and styled by teens, which gives young creators an opportunity to become involved in the industry and have the funding to create something beautiful.

In our issues to come, the Teen Eye staff will continue to work hard to curate and create interesting content for their readers, while reporting on important social issues, supporting small businesses, and promoting creative freedom.

Teen Eye SPRING 17: The ARMOR Issue

  • What does the word armor mean to you? What is your armor?
  • How can youth mobilize to change the future for the better?

  • In what ways can teens create a uniform piece of armor? How do art forms, specifically fashion, play into this creation? How do our own mindsets play in?

  • Is it good to have chips in your own armor or should you try to be indestructible? Which is more appropriate?

  • Is armor external or internal, predestined or created? How would one create/grow armor regardless?

  • How can we make our armor stay on for long enough to create a movement?